Washer / Dryer Repair

Your washing machine and dry is an efficient pair of appliances that make life easier. And, when one or both breaks down, it can be a big pain. When washers or dryers are having problems, call a professional repair service and get the problems fixed on the spot. The service to call in Galveston, Texas is Brad’s Appliance Repair. Brad’s has certified technicians who can diagnose and repair problems in a single service call. Here are the sorts of problems that will require repair services for washing machines and dryers.

Washing Machine Repair Issues

Washing Machine Makes Too Much Noise

A rattle coming from this appliance usually means that the tub bearings are shot or the motor pump is damaged. Squealing sounds are due to worn or damaged belts.

Washing Machine Leaks

Leaks can come from bad door seals, worn-out pumps, or water inlet valves that are damaged. These parts typically need to be replaced.

The Washing Machine Won’t Start

The first thing, in this case, is to make sure it is plugged in and the circuit breaker is not flipped off. Anything from a bad door latch switch to electronic control issues and thermal damage can cause this. Call Brad’s for help when this happens.

Your Washer Does Not Agitate

This problem is typical of transmission, drive belt, agitator cog, or coupler problems. All of these issues need a professional to fix them. Call Brad’s today.

Washing Machine Timer Won’t Advance

A washing machine goes through a timed cycle. When the timer motor, drain pump, lid switch, or water level control are not working, the washer gets stuck in part of the cycle and won’t wash your clothes. Call to get this issue fixed the same day.

Common Dryer Problems

Dryer Will Not Start

When a plugged-in dryer refuses to even start, check the circuit breaker and the wiring. Frayed or damaged wires mean you should call an electrician. If the problem is inside of the appliance, call Brad’s Appliance Repair for diagnosis and repairs.

Dryer Does Not Heat Up

Thermal resistor problems turn off the heat after a few minutes. A thermal fuse may blow to prevent overheating. Temperature sensors may not be working correctly. And, heating elements and timers need to be working correctly. Call an experienced technician to go through this checklist and fix your problem fast.

Noisy, Vibrating Dryer

This may be simply an unbalanced load but can also mean that the drum is not balanced. The later problem needs repairs, while the first is one that you can fix yourself.

Clothes Do Not Get Dry

If your dryer runs for the right amount of time and the clothes are not dry, check the lint filter. Clean it and it may fix your problem. When this is not the problem, check that the vent is not clogged. When both of these are OK, you have problems with a heating element, timer, or another part that needs professional attention.

No matter what issue you have with your washer or dryer, call Brad’s Appliance Repair in Galveston for prompt and professional repair services.