Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is a necessary part of your kitchen and your daily routine. Be sure to maintain it correctly and routinely to avoid problems and keep it in service for years.

When a refrigerator quits working correctly, you have a short time to fix it or transfer your food before it spoils. A one-day delay can mean a week’s worth of lost food. Folks who live in Galveston can call Brad’s Appliance Repair day or night for prompt and professional repair services. We are the leading appliance repair service in the Galveston area and will be pleased to fix your refrigerator the day that you call for help.

3 Common Reasons to Call the Refrigerator Repair Service

When the refrigerator is acting up in any of the ways that we have listed, do not wait to call a competent Galveston refrigerator repair service. Brad’s is always available for refrigerator emergencies.

Does Not Cool Properly

If the refrigerator condenser coils are clean and there are no problems with the door seals, your refrigerator should maintain a cool temperature. When this is not the case, you likely have a faulty thermostat. Call us for prompt diagnosis and repair of this problem.

Water Under the Refrigerator of a Moist Seal

Leaking is often the first sign of a bad door seal or mullion heater that is burned-out. Your Mullion heater counters condensation.

Unusual Noises

A thumping refrigerator sound is typical of a faulty compressor. When the refrigerator squeals, you usually have a damaged freezer fan. Both of these parts typically need replacement. Call Brad’s for same-day service. We are familiar with these common issues and a whole host of less-common noises that refrigerators can make.

Choose the Right Repair Service for Your Refrigerator

You need a refrigerator repair service that makes certain your refrigerator works properly and a service provides prompt and affordable service as well. These are the most important qualities to look for in a refrigerator repair service.

Certification and License

A refrigerator is a complicated appliance. You need someone who knows their business and has the credentials to prove so. Otherwise, you will end up with more problems than before you called them.

Refrigerants can be harmful. There are special certifications that the EPA grants to people who are competent to handle such substances. Make certain that you choose a repair service with these certifications.

The technicians at Brad’s Appliance Repair are fully certified and licensed. We stay current on all changes technology and our certifications are always up to date.


How many years has the repair service been in business? Licenses and certificates are important but the proof of a reliable repair service is that they have been answering the needs of the public for a long time. Brad’s repair service has been doing jobs right for a long time. Anyone who did poor work has long since closed their doors. There are skills that are learned with long years of experience and Brad’s has these.

Brad’s Appliance Repair has served Galveston for more than 15 years. We are an established appliance servicer and are here to stay.

Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews is a good way to get a sense of how well an appliance repair service does its job and treats its customers. Check ours and you will be favorably impressed. Our customers are commonly our best salespeople.

We have had many hundreds of very satisfied customers over the years and our reviews show this.

Get in Touch with Brad’s Appliance Repair of Galveston, Texas

As a reliable refrigerator repair company, we commit ourselves every day to bringing broken refrigerators back to as close as possible to their condition when they were new. We always follow these three principles:

  • Unrivaled Reliability
  • Professional Service
  • Unmatched Value

It is our passion to deliver high-quality repairs and maintenance services. You are guaranteed top value for your hard-earned dollar when you call us. Our service is excellent and our rates are fair and very reasonable. We treat our customers respectfully because they are the foundation of our business.

Whenever you have a refrigerator problem in Galveston, call Brad’s for prompt professional help.