Ice Maker Repair

There are few things worse than an ice machine that breaks down on a hot day when you need ice for a cold drink. When this happens, call a professional appliance repair service. Call Brad’s Appliance Repair in Galveston for same-day, professional repair services.

It makes no difference if your icemaker is built-into your refrigerator or freezer or is a portable unit. If you have a major brand, our experienced technicians can fix it the same day that you call for help. We repair other brands as well, although we may need to order the parts. With years of experience in repairing ice machines and other appliances, our certified technicians deal with any issues on the spot and get your ice maker up and running on the spot. We take pride in providing excellent same-day service.

Why Did Your Ice Maker Break Down?

The right temperature range inside your ice maker is between five and zero degrees Fahrenheit and around minus 18 in Celsius. If the temperature is higher, the ice maker is not working correctly. But, why is that? There are many possible reasons and we have a list of what to look out for.

Many times a person is wondering if they need a professional to fix an appliance like an ice maker. Very often, ice maker and other appliance problems are simple if you know how the machine works and what to look for. If you don’t and try fixing it anyway, you will probably make the problem worse. Using the services of a professional who can diagnose your problem and fix it on the spot is typically cheaper than DIY repairs that backfire.

Hire an expert for convenient, safer, time-efficient cost-effective repairs. Working with delicate parts in an ice maker or other appliance can be dangerous as well as difficult. Professionals know the proper safety protocols to avoid electric shocks and other problems. And, a professional is not going to make the issue worse which, unfortunately, is too often the case with DIY repairs.

Common Ice Maker Problems

Your ice maker stops making ice when the bin is full. The full bin causes a control arm to shift when turns off the ice making. When the arm does not shift back, ice-making does not restart.

A clogged filter or water line block water from getting to the ice maker. This can happen to the water inlet valve too. And, a door switch malfunction will also turn off the ice maker.

Fixing any of these problems is easy and simply requires going through a basic check-list and then fixing the issue at fault. In rare cases a part damaged and then we need to replace it.

Leaking Ice Makers

If the ice maker is not level, it typically leaks water onto the floor. We fix this problem by properly leveling the appliance. Also, a damaged supply line may leak and need replacement. Leveling is something you can do yourself. Otherwise, call us at Brad’s Appliance Repair in Galveston, Texas for same-day help. We will be pleased to fix the issue before the leaking causes other problems.

The Ice from the Ice Maker Will Not Eject or Looks and Tastes Bad

When there is a problem with the inlet valve, supply line, or water filter, your ice will be discolored or have a disagreeable odor. We will be pleased to evaluate this problem and replace the offending parts.

When your ice maker does not eject ice cubes correctly, there is a problem with the thermostat, ejecting motor, ice hold heater, or the circuits themselves.

Should I consider a replacement?

Ice makers usually last for about five years when properly maintained. When you start needing frequent repairs in an older model, ask our experienced technicians for help in selecting a new model and installing it for you.

No matter what ice maker problems you are having, call Brad’s for same-day repairs.