Freezer Repair

A broken-down freezer is a big problem. Food can spoil if it does not stay cold or even if it has frosting issues. Many freezer problems are ones that you can troubleshoot before calling for professional help. And, many of the DIY repairs can be done in less than half an hour! And, others will require a call to Brad’s Appliance Repair of Galveston.

Common Broken Freezer Signs

Frost Build-up

Problems with door gaskets, thermostats, or the defrost time can cause frost to accumulate. These are all issues that call for a certified repair person. Call Brad’s for same-day repairs.

Weird Noises

A freeze typically has a normal hum when working correctly. But, when a motor or fan blade is damaged, you will hear loud rattles or squeaks. You will need to inspect the parts to solve this issue. Only replace parts if you are sure you can do it without causing more problems. Otherwise, call for professional help.

Your Freezer Does Not Start

Make sure the appliance is plugged in, the circuit breaker is not flipped off, and that you have electric power in your home. Problems to check for include damaged thermostats, start capacitor, or start relay. These can be easy to replace but you need to know how to test the parts first of all.

The Freezer Will Not Stop Running

Troubles with the timer, temperature controls, or defrost thermostat can all lead to a freezer that never ceases to run. All of these can be easily tested and replaced, although you need to know if there are any other issues to check for.

Freezer That Is Too Cold

Your freezer should be set to and run at zero degrees Fahrenheit. When it is too cold, check and the setting on the temperature control. If this does not work, you need to see if the thermostat is working and if the temperature control is functioning properly.

Freezer Is Too Warm

Like the too-cold issue, the first thing to do is to make certain that your temperature control setting is correct. If this does not work, you may need a new thermostat, defrost timer, or control switch.

Dealing with Freezer Repair Problems

Freezer Making Puddles

The water lines that supply water dispensers for your freezer can leak and cause water to pool at the bottom of the appliance. Refrigerators with poor features are prone to water problems. The refrigerator creates water as ice melts or by condensation. Refrigerators should have systems to deal with these issues and when they fail, a pool of water is the result.

First of all, check the supply line for water. If there is a water dispenser in your refrigerator, pull the appliance out and check for leaks. If the leaking is at the inlet valve, tighten the compression nuts and this typically fixes the problem.

If the plastic or copper tubes in the freezer are leaking, they need to be replaced. You will need to connect new tubing at both the inlet and at the saddle valve. Use screw-on compression fittings.

Water from your freezer drains down to a pan under your refrigerator. There it evaporates. But, if the refrigerator is not level, the water will spill on the floor instead of evaporating in place. This problem is typically fixable by leveling the refrigerator.

Cleaning the drain tubes can also fix leaking problems. Plugged tubes cause water to back up and leak both onto freezer components and then onto the floor. You need to remove the cover panel to check this out. Make sure to unplug the appliance first of all.

For some models of freezers you need to unscrew the floor panel to get at areas of ice buildup. You can use a hair dryer to melt the ice and then a sponge or towel to sop up the water.

Some freezer models require unscrewing of the floor panel. A hair dryer can be used to melt the built-up ice then use a sponge to sop away the melt water. Then clean the drain hole. You can accomplish this by directing hot air into the hole.

You can also insert a tube into the hole and force air into it using an air compressor. A tire pump will work for this job too.

Freezer Noises

Noisy freezers and refrigerators typically have damaged condenser fan motors, compressors, or evaporator fan motors. First of all, open the door. If the noise gets louder, here is where you start. If not, you need to pull it out to check the back.

To check the fan motor of your freezer’s condenser, you need to unscrew the back cover. Your noise will be from the fan or the compressor. The fan can be replaced but if it is the compressor, you need a new refrigerator and freezer.

A damaged evaporator fan motor noise will get louder with you open the refrigerator door. This motor can be replaced by unscrewing the cover panel in back. This is one of the easier repairs of a noisy freezer.


All Appliances eventually need repairs. And, fixing a freezer can be easy. The basic issue is to know what is wrong and what else to check before starting to replace parts.

For folks living in Galveston, Texas, Brad’s Appliance Repair is always available for freezer issues. We will send a certified specialist to check the problem, explain it to you, and fix it in a single, same-day service call.