Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are a wonderful modern convenience. Do the dishes while you relax. But, when the dishwasher breaks down or does not function properly, it becomes a big inconvenience! Then you need a reputable repair company to fix the dishwasher right away.

The repair service that you contact should be competent in repairing all manner of problems from clogged drain hoses to broken motors. You need someone with the skills and experience to bring your convenient dishwasher back to normal function and do it quickly.

The first thing the technician needs to be able to do is to identify your dishwasher’s problem. Then they need the parts and skills to make repairs on the spot. The point of calling the dishwasher repair service is to extend the life of your appliance. Here are some of the reasons why you should call a dishwasher repair service.

Common Signs of Dishwasher Issues that Need Repair

When you have these dishwasher issues it is time to call a professional repair service.

Glassware Is Cloudy

When your dishwasher leaves the glassware cloudy, you are not rinsing enough before loading, the dishwasher is not rinsing correctly, or you are using hard water. A certified dishwasher technician can tell you if you need repairs, a water softener, or a better dishwasher loading technique.

If your dishes are not clean when the cycle finishes, you may have a burned-out heating element, or worn-out pump assembly, a damaged wash impeller, or blocked spray arms. An expert at dishwasher repairs can tell you which problem you have and can fix it on a single service call.

The Dishwasher Hums

When a humming sound comes from the appliance before it finishes, it typically means that the motor has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Takes a Long Time to Complete a Wash Cycle

When dishwashers run for too long, it might be because it is not completing one or more parts of the cycle. Usually, this is because the timer is not working but can also be a defective thermostat.

Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Fill with Water

There are several reasons why your dishwasher does not fill correctly. The switch for float overflow might be stuck. Or, there may be a time malfunction or the inlet solenoid for the water may have failed. Any of these can be diagnosed and repaired on a single visit by an experienced technician.

Dishwasher Does Not Empty Properly

A drain line might be clogged or the drain solenoid could be worn-out when the water does not pump out of your dishwasher. An impeller that is worn out can cause the same problem.

The Dishwasher Leaks

A very common reason for a leaky dishwasher is that you are using too much dish soap or the wrong kind. Issues that require a repair visit include a damaged spray arm assembly, leaking motor, worn-out pump, or damaged spray arm. Another common reason is a damaged door gasket.

Do It Yourself Dishwasher Repairs

Many modern dishwashers have modular assemblies. When something in the assembly is not working, you can buy a new one and install it yourself. When this works, it is cheaper than calling a professional. The problem is to know just what is wrong. Very often there is a “cascade” effect when a dishwasher part goes bad. It might be the third part of the cascade that breaks down and gets replaced. If you don’t know that the primary problem is, you will continually replace parts until the whole thing quits working. Working with a professional is typically cheaper in the long run!

If you are going to work on the dishwasher yourself, make sure to unplug it and disconnect from the water supply. Don’t reconnect until you have things put back together.


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