Brands We Repair

If you have a appliance from a popular manufacturer and it is not working, we can fix it. No matter it is an oven, dishwasher, dryer, washer, refrigerator, or freezer. If you live in or around Galveston, TX we will have it running again in no time at all.


GE (General Electric) is century-old company that has been making appliances for about that long. The have developed and introduced a steady stream of innovations over the years and their focus has always been useful and practical features that serve the customer. They manufacture refrigerators, freezers, icemakers, washers, dishwashers, ovens, and more.

GE makes three separate lines of appliances: GO profile series, CAFÉ appliances, and MONOGRAM. Each one has a different “aesthetic” or “personality” as GE refers to each set of features.


Many people recognize Samsung a major manufacturer or cell phones and other high-end electronics. A great feature of a modern Samsung appliance is that you can control it remotely with your smartphone!

Samsung manufactures appliances with an eye toward aesthetics and with less concern about capacity. With Samsung you get a beautiful appliance that does its job well. If having largest stove, refrigerator, or freezer is your concern, check out someone else.


This South Korean manufacturer ranks at the top of the world’s appliance makers in producing cutting-edge designs and innovations that make your device more efficient. Their machines are known for their reliability. And, the all-stars of their product line are their washers and dryers.

LG kitchen appliances are also ranked consistently among the best brands requiring the least service.


Bosch is best-known for their excellent customer support and durable projects. This company has been making appliances for more than a century and a half! Bosch specialized in kitchen appliances and has been responsible for many of today’s standard appliance features that make life in the kitchen so much easier and efficient.


Maytag is famous for producing reliable appliances and fantastic customer support. Their old TV commercials featured a “lonely” Maytag Washer Repairman who never got service calls because their products never broke down. This may have been a bit of an exaggeration, but Maytag gives you a 10 year warranty on every single appliance that they make. When you buy a Maytag appliance, it is built to last.


Kenmore manufactures refrigerators that typically rank number one in consumer surveys. The refrigerator selection offers attractive and smart appliances with very innovative features. And, their new features are reliable as well.

Besides great refrigerators, Kenmore sells virtually every imaginable appliance but much of their manufacturing is outsourced. Nevertheless, when you buy a Kenmore product, they stand behind each one with excellent customer support and warranties.


Frigidaire was what people called every refrigerator during much of the 20th century. They still make great refrigerators after more than a century and make very affordable models as well. Consumer Reports commonly lists Frigidaire refrigerators as the most reliable as well as one of the most popular brands.


Viking is a Middleby appliances subsidiary. Middleby is the world’s largest maker of commercial-grade appliances for the kitchen. Middleby appliances are said to be in more than half of the restaurant kitchens across the globe. With Middleby technology behind them, Viking provides top-notch domestic appliances that are as durable as their commercial “big brothers.”

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